ATU. Types of International Folktales

Title: The Types of International Folktales
Author: Hans-Jorg Uther (Antti Aarne and Stith Thompson)
Year: 2004

The "formula tales" begin with 2000 and above, but see also the tale types below which contain chains and series in at least some versions.

ATU 2009 Origin of Chess
ATU 2010 One: Who Knows?
   ATU 2010A Twelve Days of Christmas
ATU 2011 Where have you been, goose?
ATU 2012 Days of the Week
ATU 2013 A woman; she had a son
ATU 2014. Chains of Contradictions/Extremes
ATU 2015 = see ATU 2030
ATU 2016. Wee Wee Woman
ATU 2017 = see ATU 2300
ATU 2018 = see ATU 2043
ATU 2019 Pif Paf Poltrie
(there is no  2020)
ATU 2021. The Rooster and the Hen
   ATU 2021B. The Rooster Strikes Out the Hen's Eye
ATU 2022 The Death of the Little Hen
   ATU 2022B The Broken Egg
ATU 2023. Little Ant Marries
ATU 2024. Rabbit Borrows Money
ATU 2025. The Fleeing Pancake
(there is no 2026)
ATU 2027 = see ATU 2028
ATU 2028. The Devouring Animal
(there is no 2029)
ATU 2030. The Old Woman and her Pig
ATU 2031. Stronger and Strongest: including 2031C
   ATU 2031A. The Esdras Chain
   ATU 2031B. Abraham learns to worship God
ATU 2032. The Healing of the Injured Animal
ATU 2033 = see ATU 20C
ATU 2034. The Mouse Regains its Tail
   ATU 2034C+F. Lending and Repaying
ATU 2035. The House that Jack Built
ATU 2036. Drop of Honey Causes Accidents
ATU 2037 = see ATU 2034C
(there is no 2038)
ATU 2039. Horseshoe Nail
ATU 2040. The Climax of Horrors
ATU 2041. The Bird Indifferent to Pain
ATU 2042. Chain of Accidents
ATU 2043. Where is the warehouse?
ATU 2044. Pulling up the Turnip

ATU 2300. Endless Tales

~ ~ ~

ATU 15 Theft of Food
ATU 20 Animals Flee - Animals on a Pilgrimage
ATU 93 The Master Taken Seriously
ATU 122F Wait Till I Am Fat Enough
ATU 130 Musicians of Bremen
ATU 151 Man Teaches Wild Animal to Play Fiddle
ATU 157A The Lion Searches for Man
ATU 173 Life Spans Readjusted.
ATU 210 Rooster, Hen, Duck, Pin, and Needle
ATU 295 Bean (Mouse), Straw, and Coal
ATU 332 Godfather Death.
ATU 334 Household of the Witch.
ATU 555 Fisherman's Wife
ATU 571 All Stick Together.
ATU 1215 The Miller, His Son, and the Donkey

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