ATU 2040. The Climax of Horrors

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Shyama. The Black Dog is Dead
Jethabhai. Tidings of the Thakore's Family

Z46 [ATU 2040] The climax of horrors. The magpie is dead. Overate on horseflesh. Horses dead? Overworked at fire. House burned down? etc.

ATU 2040. A man woh has been away for a long time asks an acquaintance for news from home. The acquaintance tells him that his dog (raven) is dead. The man asks why, and is told that it too much horse (camel) flesh. The horse had been burned in its stall (died from exertion during a fire); the barn caught fire from the house; the fire had been started by candles in the house; the candles burned on the occasion of the death of the man's mother (wife).

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Wesselski Hodscha Nasreddin II 203 No. 401 [online German only]
Wesselski Monchslatein 25 No. 20 [online German only]
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Goat Comes Back - Afanasjev
Si' Djeha Staved Off Hunger - Bushnaw - Arabic
News - Jacobs English Fairy Tales

Baughman 2040
ENGLAND Carpenter NCF 2:16 1954 2:16
TEXAS House Tall Talk 60-61 1944
TEXAS (newspaper) Carpenter NCF 2:16, 1954
ARKANSAS Randolph Knapsack 54-55, 1958

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