ATU 2021. The Rooster and the Hen

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Dasent. The Cock and Hen A-Nutting
Wardrop. The Grasshopper and the Ant
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ATU 2021. The Rooster and the Hen. A hen (rooster, cat, other animal, young woman) has a nut (cherry pit, a corn, etc.) stuck in her throat (dies in some other way). A rooster goes to get water for the hen to drink, but the water sends him to get red silk from a bride first. The bride sends him to get a wreath, etc.
Or, the rooster asks for help from various animals (pig, cow, etc.) people (miller, baker, shoemaker, etc.) and/or objects (river, tree, etc.). When the rooster comes back with the water, the hen is already dead.
The rooster buries the hen and then dies from grief. (The hen who had been choking is bumped and the nut becomes dislodged from her throat.)

Z32.1 [ATU 2021] The funeral procession of the hen. Animals one by one join the procession. The funeral carriage breaks down or the procession drowns.

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