ATU 210 Rooster, Hen, Duck, Pin, and Needle

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Grimm (Hunt). Herr Korbes
Grimm (Hunt). The Pack of Ragamuffins
Crane. Cock that Wished to Become Pope
Crooke/Rouse. The Sparrow's Revenge
Parry. The Wild Cat, the Hen, and the Egg
Shelton. The Two Little Cats
Fleeson. Five Lazy, Wicked Men

ATU 210 Rooster, Hen, Duck, Pin, and Needle on a Journey.

motifs: B296, F1025, K1161
F1025 Lepcha: Stocks 370.14
(but see also Bremen Musicians for motifs)

little hen and little cock ranke folktales of germany
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little little woman elshamy folktales of egypt
monkey and crab sek folktales of japan
monkey and pheasant sekfi folktales of japan
nung kua-ma eberhard folktales of china

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