ATU 130 Bremen Town Musicians (The Animals in Night Quarters)

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Jacobs. How Jack Went to Seek His Fortune
Jacobs. Jack and His Comrades
Grimm (Hunt). Bremen Town-Musicians
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ATU 130 Musicians of Bremen. Donkey, dog, cat and rooster are ill-treated by their owners because they are too old to work. They run away and find  a lonely house in the forest. Thieves come and begin to divide their money. The four animals climb on one another's backs and cry all at once. The thieves (robbers) are frightened and run away, leaving the money there. When the thieves try to come back, the animals hide in various parts of the house and attack them with their characteristic powers. The four animals drive the thieves away and live happily ever after.
= B296 (animals run away), K335 (climb), attack (K1161)

B296 NINQ 2.440
B296.1 Temple Legends 223, 234 / Swynnerton Upper Indus 6 / Grierson Survey 6.115, Frere Deccan 305, Natesa Sastri Folklore 26
K335 Rewa: Elwin Mahakoshal 254; Bastar: Elwin Mahakoshal 259; Malto - Archer Man in India 24 212 ff. Parker 3.162
K1161 NINQ 2.440; Lewison JRAS Beng. 5.352; Lushai Parry 544; Pawsey Hutton JRAS Beng. 5.283; New Goa: Davidson-Phelps38.14

additional information:
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ATU 130 Musicians of Bremen
The Bremen Town Musicians (Germany).
The Robber and the Farm Animals (Germany/Switzerland).
The Sheep and the Pig Who Set Up House (Norway).
The Animals and the Devil (Finland).
The Choristers of St. Gudule (Flanders)
The Story of the White Pet (Scotland).
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Jack and His Comrades (Ireland).
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How Jack Went to Seek His Fortune, version 2 (USA).
The Dog, the Cat, the Ass, and the Cock (USA).
Benibaire (Spain).
The World's Reward (South Africa).

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