ATU 2023. Little Ant Marries

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Compare also ATU 2022 The Death of the Little Hen, which has mourning but no courtship.

Z32.3 [ATU 2023] Little ant finds a penny, buys new clothes with it, and sits in her doorway. Various animals pass by and propose marriage. She asks what they do at night. Each one replies with its characteristic sound, and none pleases her but the quiet little mouse, whom she marries. She leaves him to tend the stew, and he falls in and drowns. She weeps and, on learning the reason, the bird cuts off its beak, dove cuts off its tail, etc.

ATU 2023. Little Ant Marries. An ant (beetle, cockroach, grasshopper, snail, cat, etc.) finds some money, buys new clothes, and sits in her doorway. Many animals come by and ask her to marry them, in their characteristic voices. The ant chooses the mouse, because he is quiet. When the mouse stirs the stew (wedding soup), he falls in the pot and drowns. When the ant discovers this, she weeps. The bird tears his own beak off, the seagull tears his own tail off, etc.

additional information:

Spanish: Boggs 2023: COAR p. 3 [online at Hathi; Spanish only] = SCL p. 86 = CST p. 137;  LRAC 180, 181; ECPE 271-2-3-4 (in some, mouse has to get up during the night and cat eats him)

little cockroach martina - dorson / folktales - plus sister cat

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