ATU 2022B The Broken Egg

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Afanasjev. The Hen

Z39.5. The hen lays an egg; the mouse breaks it. Sorrowing over his mishap, all show extraordinary behavior: the masters puts an end to it. Final formula: hen strips off feathers, rubbish heap catches fire, oak falls to ground, hare drowns self, magpie twists leg, ox breaks horns, river flows blood, maid breaks pails, housewife scatters dough.

ATU 2022B. The Broken Egg. A hen lays an egg which breaks (a mouse breaks it). All the witnesses show their grief at this misfortune. For example, the hen ruffles her feathers, the rubbish begins to burn, the stairs creak, the oak falls down, the magpie sprains his leg, the ox breaks his horns, the river flows with blood, the maidservant breaks her jug, the housewife smears dough on the wall, etc. The master locks his wife up and the maidservant goes to look for people who are equally stupid, etc.

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