ATU 2030. The Old Woman and her Pig

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The Old Woman and the Crow
Kunos. The Liver
Manjhi. The Parrot and the Maina
Bain. Sparrow and Bush
Crane. Godmother Fox

Additional versions online:
Welsh Gypsy Folktales: The Little Pig. There is a Welsh Gypsy version here, nothing special of note except that at the end the woman must fetch milk for the cat. It does have the original text side-by-side with the English translation.
Nova Scotia: The Old Woman and Her Pig. Several variants, but nothing unusual.

ATU 2030: This miscellaneous type consists of various chain tales in which a person (animal) wants an animal (person, object) to do something (go home, pick pears, grow, get some beer, eat, reap grain). The animal refuses. The person threatens him by asking someone else (person, animal, object, or element: e.g. dog, stick fire, water, butcher) for help. The request is not granted (the help is postponed until some demand can be met). Finally someone (hangman, angel of death, animal) obliges, and all the others in succession do what the person had wanted them to. In a few variants, a mouse eats cheese (wheat, wick of an eternal flame). A cat condemns the mouse and eats it as punishment; a dog eats the cat for eating the mouse. Each animal, object, or element is blamed for having damaged the one before it, and is then punished.

ATU 2015: The Goat Who Would Not Go Home. A boy is not able to bring his mischievous goat home. He asks people (hunter, shepherd, St. Nicholas), animals (bear, hare, dog, cat, mouse, pig) and/or objects (rope, water, fire) for help. None them can (will) make the goat go home. A wolf (bee, wasp, fly) bites (stings) the goat, and it runs home fast.

Z39.1.1. [now ATU 2030] The goat who would not go home. One animal after another tries in vain to persuade the goat to go home. Finally a wolf (bee) bites him and drives him home.
Taylor: The Goat who would not go home. The boy cannot persuade the goat to go home. At this suggestion various animals ask the goat to go home, but the goat always refuses until a bee (wolf) bites it and drives it home.  [Often contaminated with Mt. 2030, from which it must be carefully distinguished. In Mt. 2015 the sequence of animals has no logical interconnections.]

Z41 The old woman and her pig. Her pig will not jump over the stile so that she can go home. She appeals in vain for help until the cow gives her milk. The final formula is: cow give milk for cat, cat kill rat, rat gnaw rope, rope hang butcher; butcher kill ox; ox drink water; water quench fire; fire burn stick; stick beat dog; dog bite pig; pig jump over stile. (Various introductions.)
Z41.1. Woman has meat (liver) stolen by bird. Recovery chain (Similar to Z41).
Z41.2 Crow must wash his bill in order to eat with other birds. Asks water; water must first have horn from stag, who must first have milk from cow, etc.
Z41.3. Conflict between fowl and thistle. Wind obeys and breaks chain.
Z41.4.2 My dog picked up a string, but did not wish to give it to me unless I gave her bread. Cupboard did not wish to give bread unless I gave it a key; smith, charcoal; charcoal-burner, calf's legbone; butcher, milk; cow, grass; meadow, water; clouds, dove's feather. Dove gave me a feather which I gave to clouds, etc.
Z41.6 Bird's pea gets stuck in socket of mill-handle. She goes to carpenter, king, queen, who refuse to help. She asks snake to bite queen, stick to beat snake, fire to burn stick, etc. Final formula: cat eats mouse, mouse cuts plant creeper, creeper snakes elephant, elehpant drinks up sea, sea quenches fire, fire burns stick, stick beats snake, snake bites queen, queen speaks to king, king chides carpenter, carpenter cuts mill handle, and pea is extracted. Questions in rhyme.
Z41.6.1. Gram (parched grain) sticks in post; parrot goes to raja, etc. for help. Final formula: at last creeper took pity on birds, and elephant feared creeper, and ocean feared elephant, and fire feared ocean, and stick feared fire, and snake feared stick, and carpenter feared snake; and carpenter split post which gave up the grain to the birds, who went away.
Z41.7. The wormwood does not want to rock the sparrow. Final formula: the worms begin to gnaw the rods, the rods to beat the oxen, the oxen to drink the water, the water to quench the fire, the fire to burn the hunters, the hunters to shoot the wolves, the wolves to kill the goats, the goats to gnaw the wormwood, the wormwood to rock -- and it rocked and rocked me to sleep.
Lithuanian: Balys Index No. 2003
Z41.7.1. Boy dirties his shoe and asks the hay stack to wipe it clean. Cheremis: Sebeok-Nyerges
Z41.8. Pulling the needle out of the seamstress's hand. Final formula: That was just what the cat was waiting for - it sprang to devour the mouse, the mouse to tear the spider's web, the spider to entangle the dog, the dog to eat the goat, the goat to snaw the rushes, the rushes to grow in the stream, the stream to quench the fire, the fire to burn the stone, the stone to beat the axe, the axe soon pulled out the needle that was stuck in the seamstress's hand.
Z41.9. The lazy servant and the grain. Lentils, lentils, get into my sack! Final formula: the hungry hawk attacks the hens, the hens the worms, the worms the stick, the stick the ox, the ox runs to the water, the water attacks the fire, the fire the hunters, the hunters the wolf, the wolf the goat, the goat the willow, the willow the cat, the cat the mice, the mice the lentiles, the lentils go whoosh whoosh into the sack.
Z41.10 Sparrow orders crow to wash itself before eating, but pond refuses to allow the crow to bathe in it until he gets something for the pond.
Z41.11 Crow takes away pearl which sparrow has found. Ants agree to crawl up elephant's trunk if sparrow will not eat them; elephant agrees to suck pond dry if ants will not crawl up his trunk, etc.
Z41.12 Girl pulls green gourd which chases her. Animals help her: each is knocked down except bear which sits on gourd and breaks it. The animals are rewarded at farmer's house.

more information:

Ashliman: The Old Woman and Her Pig 2030

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A Chain of Won'ts Abrahams - Afro-American
Contrarious Pig - Campbell - Cloudwalking

crystal rooster - italo calvino, italian
darning needle - lang yellow
godmother fox and feast day crane italian
nightingale that shrieked - bushnaq
stars in the sky - Jacobs More English

Spanish: Boggs 2030 A, B, C, D.
2030A. An ant plants chickpeas. Spanish. Ant plants chickpeas; becomes impatient because they do not begin to sprout next day; and asks gardener to remove tree under which she planted them. He refuses. She makes vain appeals until finally butcher threatenes to kill ox, ox to drink water, water to put out candle, candle to burn stick, stick to beat cat, cat to eat mouse, queen, king, justice, gardener's wife who persuades her husband to remove the ttree. RMQ II 45-6 note to line 20 = ed. of Rev. de Arch. Bib. y Museos 1916 I 474 note to line 3
2030B. Cock on way to wedding dirties beak by eating; asks mallow to clean beak; but mallow refuses. Cock asks sheep to eat mallow, etc. Finally God sends Death to take away smith. Smith now wants to break knife; knife to kill cow etc. and mallow cleans cock's beak. LRAC no. 177 (cock falls into ravine and gets dirty). ECPE no. 275 = ECRC no. 9 ECPE no. 276
2030C. Mouse eats old couple's cheese. Cat kills mouse for eating cheese. Dog kills cat for eating mouse. ECPE no. 277. LRAC no. 179
2030D. The pear will not fall. Goebel Birli. Handwb. d. dt. Marchens I 256-260
2030E. Der Bauer schickt den Jockel aus.
2030F. Jukel fetches wine. A special Bohemian form.
2030G. A goal is driven away from nuts or cabbage.
2030H. La chanson de Bricou (a cock). A characteristic French form.
2030J. A disobedient boy. T. Norlind Svenska Allmogens liv2 (1925) 613.
2030K. Das ist das Haus des holzernen Mannes. BP II 208; Haavia 89 n. I.

Spanish: Boggs 2030D ECPE no. 278 [not online]

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